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Partner With A Pro – Two-Hour On Site Design Consultation

Has researching furniture online become an endless chore that never results in any decisions?


Do you feel like you are spinning your wheels wasting countless hours of your limited free time.


Do you know which individual pieces you like, colors you like, styles you like but can’t figure out how to pull it all together?

Are you sort of confident that the kitchen or bath design you have put together is the right way to go - but would like a professional eye to take a look so you can be sure before telling the contractor to go ahead?


Have you collected scores of Pinterest and Houzz ideas that you imagine bringing to life in your own house? Dream books full of colors, home décor products, and style concepts? Have you ever talked with an interior design service but just can't figure out how to make it all happen?


Are you selling your house, condo or apartment and can't figure out the best way to make it the most

presentable/sellable with the least amount of effort and money?

Exhausting isn’t it? I can help!

On Site meaning I come to your home.

As your interior design partner, I will come out to your home and help you organize your ideas and formulate a plan that can get you moving forward. The key is forward never back. Good decisions made in the beginning will prevent countless, dreaded “oh I wish I would haves!” Two hours is not much time to get this all done, so preparation is the key to the interior design consultation success.

First, I will ask about your vision for each room in question. As a professional interior designer, I can help you discover the best plan that aligns with your ideas and budget. The questions include things you want to change, elements you want to keep, and how you use the room in your everyday life.

Then, my interior design coach skills kick in to help you bring the practical and emotional plans together. Record the 2-hour consultation. Take notes, ask questions, and gather information as we go. The more options I give you, the more you have to think about and to remember.

Get Inspired and Take Action to Transform Your Home

How much do you pay for a 2 hour consultation with an experienced interior designer who will give you industry expert information and advice, answer your questions, help you with next steps and leave you with inspiration and empowerment to go forward? $375

Plan and be prepared!

The more preparation you do before the appointment, the more we can get through together.

Be realistic. Prior to our meeting strongly consider your budget and do some planning. I’m a great designer with tons of ideas but I am not a magician.

Set Goals

Whether you need a kitchen design, bath design, or want to focus on another room in your house, write down your specific goals for that space. How do you use the room? What elements do you need in the finished project? Organize some example pictures and information that align with your unique style.

List Issues

What problems exist in the room currently? What do you need to change to serve your family's needs more effectively? List any issues that make the room less than ideal for your use or enjoyment. Start with the "musts" and move on to the "wants."

If you need color recommendations, inform me in advance, and I will bring my paint fan to the consultation.

Consider Project Scope

Are you ready to commit to things like knocking down walls or changing cabinet placement, or do you prefer design changes that do not transform rooms that much? Prepare a working budget to help me figure out the possibilities for interior design changes. Always remember that renovating and remodeling parts or all of the house is an excellent way to increase both your enjoyment of your home and increase property value.

Please realize that 120 minutes offers quite a bit of time for exploration and questions, but it is not enough to redesign your entire home. I always work efficiently, and if you do appropriate preparation, we can cover quite a bit.

I look forward to working with you!